Backsplashes: Creating a difference in the kitchen

Earlier, a backsplash was considered to be just another utility item. It protects your kitchen walls and counters from oil splashes, steam, and spills. Generally placed behind the stovetop and sink, the primary function of a backsplash is to provide a surface that can be easily cleaned and maintained.

However, apart from its conventional usage, a backsplash is now also valued for its aesthetic appeal. It helps add color, texture, and overall vibrancy to a kitchen. While some opt for a backsplash that just covers the sink counter and stove top backdrop, others may choose to install an extended backsplash. The latter helps create a visual sense of cohesiveness in the kitchen space.

If you’re looking for some interior inspiration for the perfect backsplash, look no further! Here are six popular options.

1. Calming grays

For a kitchen that incorporates muted shades and pastel tints, a gray backsplash is perfect. For an added touch, install one that uses coordinating mosaic tiles. This will not only fit in with the overall color scheme but also add a calming touch to your culinary playground.

2. Vintage bricks

If you’re a person who loves typewriters, vinyl, and anything retro, why not extend this to your kitchen as well? After installing rustic shelves and hand-painted clay cutlery, also add a faux brick backsplash. If you wish to go all out, extend it from the ceiling all the way to the floor. Peeks of these faux-brick tiles from behind cabinets and shelves will add just the right vintage touch to your kitchen!

3. Reclaimed wood

This one is the chosen backsplash for all those who wish to go down the eco-friendly route. Green in nature and ranking high in terms of aesthetics, a reclaimed wooden backsplash adds an outdoorsy look to your kitchen, increasing its warmth. Since this wood is generally salvaged from ancient barns, warehouses, and factories, it also holds a special charm. If you need any more convincing, reclaimed wood develops a unique patina over time, which is the perfect natural accent for your kitchen décor.

4. Flowing fabric

Tired of tiles and prefer something more fluid? Fret not; a fabric-accented backsplash can do just the trick! Floral, patterned, or gradient, you can choose from a variety of designs for your kitchen. Opt for fabric accents and make your kitchen resemble an English dream or a picturesque location for steaming tea and biscuits!

5. Mirror on the wall

This type of backsplash is a 2-in-1 solution! It is not only gorgeous but also creates a visual feel of spaciousness. A mirrored backsplash near your sink counter will add the much-needed space and light to your kitchen. Opt for a marble countertop to extend this aesthetic. Alternatively, incorporate antique mirror in your backsplash for a more subtle touch. Paired with wooden furnishings, the antique mirror will command attention without being over-the-top.

6. Elemental surprise

Earth, fire, air, and water find themselves in our zodiac signs and beliefs. If you are a fiery soul, why not let your kitchen backsplash echo the same with bright oranges and reds? To induce a feeling of cool seas and churning oceans, install hand-painted mosaic tiles in varying shades of blue and green. Complete this look by using the same color as accents throughout your kitchen.

We hope that reading this article has sparked a hundred backsplash ideas in your mind! Just remember, a strategic backsplash can be the factor that completes the look of your kitchen!

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