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Outstanding technologies developed and engineered to transform the ordinary into the extraordinary.

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Inherent in every Siemens Home Appliance is a variety of intelligent and innovative technologies created with one goal: to simplify your everyday, yet make it more extraordinary. Functionalities that are so smart and intuitive, they add hours to your day.

Cooking and Baking: intuitive technology.

The vast array of cutting-edge technologies found in the Siemens Cooking and Baking Appliances ensure that time spent in the kitchen is an absolute pleasure. Convenient functionalities combined with captivating design, will inspire feasts worth remembering.

iQ700 built-in series

Built-in brilliance.

With an aesthetic appeal so elegant and prominent, the iQ700 built-in series will ensure that your kitchen becomes the talking point of your home. Combined with new technologies like varioSpeed, and the large TFT display with full-screen graphic animation, the iQ700 series guarantees a user experience like no other.

Achieve precision with 9 levels of heating. With stepFlame Technology.

No more leaning over to check the flame size, no more hoping that it is at the right heat level. All this guesswork has been removed from cooking with gas. From now on, whatever level you choose – you’ll get exactly the heat and the flame size you need. Just as easy to operate as it sounds. That is stepFlame Technology: A groundbreaking innovation to precisely control the flame. Your meals will be delicious, and your guests will be delighted.

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Laundry Care: efficient technology.

Comfort, performance and energy-efficiency: Siemens washing machines, dryers and washer-dryers offer you first-in-class technology. Outstanding functionalities and features not only provide optimal results, but save time and simplify your life too.


Ensuring great performance.

The Siemens outdoor cycle for sports ware, safeguards sensitive textiles while ensuring perfect cleaning results. Thanks to cutting-edge technologies and the right laundering, Siemens has proven that it's possible to wash and waterproof functional clothing simultaneously. Making sure that your clothing stays as functional as it needs to be, and your performance is uncompromised.

Innovation by Siemens home appliances


Breakthrough technologies so intuitive, it will transform your home. Simplifying your day-to-day, while inspiring a new way of living. Siemens innovations – enjoy the future, today. 

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