Freestanding Dishwashers

Myths surrounding dishwashers.

From the kind of utensils to the time consumed, break all the myths related to dishwashers.

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Perfected for Indian utensils.

Our dishwasher is built to wash away stubborn oil and masala stains of Indian cooking.

To all dishwashers

Freestanding dishwashers from Siemens always look great – next to other appliances or standing alone. Besides offering a wide variety of innovative functions and programs, they are very easy to set up and install. Keep your options flexible with freestanding dishwashers from Siemens.

Full-size dishwashers by Siemens

Full-size dishwashers (60cm)

If you regularly have larger amounts of crockery and cutlery to be cleaned and kitchen space is not limited, a full-size dishwasher from Siemens is the perfect fit.

Dry efficiently, shine brilliantly.

The varioDrawer from Siemens provides even more room and a better overview in your dishwasher. This additional loading level can be pulled out easily and provides a lot of room not only for your cutlery, but also for large utensils such as ladles, and even for small dishes such as espresso cups. And because you no longer need a cutlery basket in the bottom rack, you have even more room here for larger dishes such as plates, pots, and pans.

Wash dishes up to 3 times faster with Siemens varioSpeed

varioSpeed Plus: Up to 3 times faster dishwashing and drying.

When you press the varioSpeed Plus button, you reduce the washing time by up to 66%*. The reduced time is immediately shown in the remaining time display. As a result, your dishes are always sparkling clean and dry within the shortest time.

* This does not apply to the pre-rinse and quick wash programmes.

Flexible racks. Maximum options.

Whether plates, pots, cups or wine glasses, every dish quickly finds its place in Siemens dishwashers with varioFlex and varioFlex Plus racks. And when you need room for a lot of glasses, varioFlex Plus racks even allow you to load glasses in two rows in the bottom rack – very convenient and safe thanks to the glass rack.

Glass 40°C cycle for the best fine glassware treatment

The special care for your glasses.

Fine glassware requires special care in cleaning. Siemens’ new Glass 40°C cycle is specifically designed to meet this need. It first cleans glasses carefully but thoroughly at low temperatures. This is followed by a drying phase which has been specially extended for extra-gentle drying. The results are impressive: you will be able to enjoy gleaming glassware for a much longer time.

Extra space for cutlery and espresso cups.

Extra space for cutlery and espresso cups.

Get your dirty dishes to shine brightly in the shortest possible time – with turboSpeed 20 min. This programme enables you to easily handle a large party in an instant. Because in just 20 minutes your dishes are cleaned optimally – and you can serve the next course completely relaxed.

The secret behind this is the innovative pre-heating phase: the pre-heated water reduces the dishwashing time. Once the water is pre-heated, you can wash dishes in 20-minute cycles. And if you select the extraDry option, a mere 10 minutes more will give you clean and optimally dried dishes. Thus, a Siemens dishwasher with turboSpeed and extraDry allows you more time to enjoy the good things in life.

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