National E-waste Recycling

E-waste is any electrical and electronic equipment, whole or in part which is not useable and it is intended to be discarded. The rejects from the manufacturing and/or repair process also comes under this category.

The accumulation of E-waste in the environment and their unscientific disposal causes extremely adverse environmental impacts.


Recycling is an important way for individuals and business to reduce the waste they generate and de-risk the negative impact that irresponsible disposal may cause. Recycling also conserves natural sources. Reducing, reusing, recycling and buying recycled products benefits our natural world and our economy.

E-waste management in India

The Ministry of Environment and Forests, Government of India has notified the e-waste (Management and Handling) Rules, 2011 which became effective from 01 May 2012.

The rules impose obligations on both producers and users on a wide range of products, including home appliances such as refrigerators and washing machines, when they reach the end of their lives. A product is said to reach "end of life" when the same cannot be used for the purpose it was originally designed, is beyond repair and needs to be discarded and disposed.

Guidance on the Disposal of End-of-Life Products

Consumers could contribute to resource conservation and prevent potential environmental problems by a simple action - the proper disposal of their old consumer durable products and its accessories. Electronic waste is to be disposed off separately from the general waste stream via designated collection facilities identified by the Company.

Company's commitment to the cause of E-waste management

Company, through its strict manufacturing process, ensures that 90 percent of the materials used in our products can be recycled. Company stands committed to the environment friendly disposal of E-waste. We have tied up with authorized e-Waste recyclers for facilitating our customers to enable them to dispose off e-waste products in the most environ friendly manner. In this process, the customer would be interacting directly with the authorized agency meant for handling the e-waste products without involving any 3rd parties.

How does the customer of the Company get their product recycled

The customer can register a request on the company's Call Center in the toll-free number- 1800-266-1880 for putting request for recycling of company's products.

We will send our authorized recycler at your home/premise.

Your appliance will be recycled in conformity with the applicable rules by our authorized recycler.

Handling of E-waste - Do's

All electrical and electronic products are required to be handed over only to the authorized recycler.

Keep the product in isolated area, after it becomes non-functional/un-repairable so as to prevent its accidental breakage.

Handling of E-waste - Don'ts

  • The product should not be opened by the User himself/herself, but only by authorized service personnel.
  • The product is not meant for re-sale any unauthorized agencies/scrap dealer/kabariwalahs.
  • The product is not meant for mixing into household waste stream.
  • Do not keep any replaced spare part(s) from the product in exposed area.


Q. How to identify that this is an e-waste product

A. Any electrical and electronic equipment, whole or in part which is not useable and it is intended to be discarded. The rejects from the manufacturing and/or repair process also comes under this category.

Q. Why re-cycling should be done? What are the Benefits?

A. Recycling of old electronic product is beneficial in following ways:

There is need to encourage recycling of all useful and valuable material from e-waste so as to conserve the ever depleting natural resources. Recycling end-of-life products is vital if we are to save resources and minimize waste.

Also scientific disposal of e-waste reduces the environment pollution. The correct disposal of old product will help prevent potential negative consequences for the environment and human health.

Q. What are the negative consequences if proper recycling is not done.

A. Any disposal through unauthorized agencies/person will attract action under Environment (Protection) Act 1986. Further, toxic material present in e-waste get mixed with earth, air, water etc and causes health issues. Oil & Gases which is present is some of e-waste like compressor and CRT causes environment pollution. Batteries containing highly hazardous elements if disposed in an unscientific manner cause irreparable damage to the environment. Burning of E-waste in open area causes air pollution.

Q. How the product is to be properly handled while disposing it off

A. Product should not be damaged, dismantled or thrown in municipal waste. It should be packed and handed over to authorized re-cycler.

Q. Is there any benefit/discount scheme linked to this take back scheme?

A. There is no discount scheme/benefit linked to this program. By participating in this program, you are helping the environment for a cleaner and better tomorrow.