What’s trending in the world of kitchens?

Trends continue to evolve with changing global preferences. Whether it is the way we dress, the cars we drive or the décor our house has, they all keep changing to keep up with the times. So, even the kitchen has its share of makeovers that are done to keep it as per trends and preferences. Each year brings forward new kinds of trends, and choosing one of them to go ahead with can be a tough task. To make your selection easier, we are listing down 6 different kinds of kitchen trends. And here are top 5 upcoming trends in kitchens.

1. Kitchens With Smart Spaces

If you are going for the smart spaces, get ready to have a huge makeover! The shift is directly towards built-in appliances as it saves space, incorporates smart and trendy features and always time efficient. Take for instance the home connect system in Siemens appliances, where the appliances are wi-fi enabled. This helps you manage your appliances whenever you want from wherever you are! With the current growth is technology, connecting the smartphone and the kitchen is a great move!

2. Soft Color Palettes

If you are thinking of changing your kitchen’s color scheme, it is time to go for the soft color palettes. While white motifs still continue to dominate people’s preferences, shades like charcoal, grays and neutral pastels have become new alternatives to the standard white shade. Lighter wood tones like walnuts, whitewashed woods and white oak have also become a favorite choice among many homeowners. Drier colors like muted blues and greens, and pale yellow pastels are becoming favorites too.

3. Metallic Finishes

Metallic finishes like copper, brass and bronze have been an all-time favorite among most homeowners. Most people go ahead with small helpings of metal, primarily using faucets, pendant lights and cabinet pulls to incorporate this raw texture, but metal has assumed a greater role in kitchens over time. People prefer metal hoods over wood mantle hoods, or use a combination of both in their kitchens. A metal hood also adds a burst of contrast to your kitchen.

4. Integrated Kitchen-Living Spaces

This trend is ideal for homeowners who feel that their kitchens are disconnected from the rest of their homes, or for the people who want their cooking area to be more accommodating. This year, it has become common for people to integrate their kitchen with the home’s living spaces. This kitchen not only serves as an add-on to the existing living space, but also enables the cook to interact with the people in the living room.

5. Well-Lit Cabinetry

Most homeowners don’t settle for just ceiling lights and table lamps to light up their kitchen. Nowadays, people go for low-voltage light strips to be used as accent pieces below cabinets, above cabinets, inside them and below countertop overhangs. LED lights have also become a common choice to illuminate different parts of the kitchen. LED lights grouped with light strips result in a well-lit and attractive kitchen space.

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