Popular Furniture Styles for your Kitchen

Apart from the appliances and shapes, there is one more important factor that completes your kitchen décor – the furniture. Just like your kitchen blends perfectly with your home, it is important that the furniture is a part of the whole look, instead of appearing like an add-on. Here are a few popular kitchen styles you can go for, based on your house type and preferences.

1. Modern Style

The modern kitchen décor mainly comprises of sleek surfaces and shiny appliances. The cabinets have simple hardware, while the tables and chairs are simplistic, with stark, clean lines and are not very flashy. The islands usually comprise of a marble top or a wood-grained top, serving mainly a functional purpose, while also fitting the décor perfectly.

In this kitchen style, ornamentation is a rare occurrence. Nothing contains any intricate detailing and the décor is very functional and simple in nature. The built-in range from Siemens provides a seamless fit in such kitchens. Everything appears to be made of solid, geometric shapes; the linens used, too, are of the same kind.

2. Cottage Style

The cottage style kitchen has a typical cozy, old-school interior which with standard issue appliances, reminiscent of a country home kitchen. The tables and chairs in this kitchen either have earthy wood tones or are painted white to match the white cabinetry. Open-style cabinets are preferred in this kitchen over the closed-style ones.

This style has a soft, soothing color scheme. If decorated in light colors like ivory, khaki and light blue, it increases the soothing quotient of this kitchen.

3. Retro Style

The retro style kitchens are a type of homage to the kitchens of the previous decades. Since this style relies on interpretation, everyone can have their own version of a retro kitchen. Buyers have the option to choose between actual vintage pieces or vintage-inspired pieces to add on to the kitchen. Retro kitchens usually contain an overall décor and furniture style which reflect a nostalgic theme, such as TV shows or commercials from the 1950-1970 eras. A designer has the freedom do go wild in selecting things like clocks, wall art, lights, storage containers, etc. while styling the kitchen.

4. Traditional Style

In this style, the cabinets are often framed or designed with a flush inset. Cabinets are usually closed with visible hinges in bronze, silver or even a nice brass finish. Shelves are usually made up of wood instead of metal, and are in line with the cabinet color and theme. Ornamentation is not common in this style, and the look is deliberately kept unpolished. The traditional style emits a homely vibe, with a practical woody or white finish without many add-ons.

5. Contemporary Style

In contemporary kitchens, the furniture is made up of a variety of materials, such as wood, stone, ceramic and granite. The kitchen usually contains frameless cabinets and full overlay cabinets with no visible hinges. Many people think that modern and contemporary are interchangeable, but the major difference is that the contemporary style allows for ornamentation mainly in the form of color backdrops and trendy items, while a modern kitchen may not allow you to do so. Contemporary kitchens may also have something different and eye-catching, like a light fixture, wall art, etc. A modern kitchen does not bear anything of this sort.

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