Best ways to Maximize Kitchen Storage Space

Every resident of a metropolitan city knows how crucial the space factor is. Most of us live in apartments, due to which space constraints are a common sight. Owing to this, our kitchens turn out to be smaller in size, making utilization of space a mammoth task. However, there are multiple ways to utilize your kitchen space smartly, while also taking care of all your storage needs. Here are a few things you can go for, in case of space constraints in the kitchen.

1. On Top Of The Stove Top

Why store your daily-use pots and utensils in the overly-crammed drawers, when you have that amazing space above your stove top? Utilize this space so that you have all the necessities at an arm’s reach.

2. Built-in Appliances Help

Built-in appliances are not only high on features but works great when you are looking to save space. Take for instance, the combination microwave oven from Siemens, it is a 2 in 1 appliance acting as a microwave and an oven when needed.

3. Every Inch Counts

If you have left that small space between the fridge and the wall unoccupied, you are missing out on a very efficient storage area! That narrow space is perfect to store canned and bottled goods.

4. Follow The Hollow Trend

The island in your kitchen is the central area, and often the most underutilized one. Go for a hollow island. From the front, it is just a normal kitchen island, but from the back, it is an amazing storage for an array of items, like cookbooks, kitchen accessories, etc.

5. Hanging Out

The shelves in your kitchen have two surfaces for organizing the clutter. Place the metallic containers on top, and hang the lighter containers like jars of spices, nuts, etc. at the bottom!

6. Up And Down, Not Left And Right

Move away from the long, horizontal traditional shelves – vertical-style pallets are in trend, and you can stack multiple items on them, like small bottles, hooks for cutlery, etc.

7. The Sides Are Important

Most people do not know the value of lower cabinet sides. It is an amazing spot to hang heavy items that are annoying to store, like chopping boards, colanders, etc.

8. The First Impression

Make a wall rack for your trays, platters and some good dishes. It not only provides extra storage space, but also doubles up as some nice wall art.

9. The Essentials Come Up

When you’ve got a small kitchen, counter space is nothing but prime real estate. Hang a couple of baskets just above the counter for your frequently used items, without sacrificing any of that precious counter space.

10. Regain Your Space

Get all those sponges and scrubbers up and away from your countertop by placing them in desk organizers, which you can hang on the sides of nearby cabinets. Convenient and clutter-free, isn’t it?

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