Best Flooring Options For Your Kitchen

Considering that your kitchen is the center of your home and your heart, each element present must echo your taste and sensibilities. When you’re redoing your kitchen or are beginning its construction, it is easy to forget about the flooring. Although sink fittings, cupboards, and appliances come to mind first, the floor is one of the key factors that affect your kitchen’s life and ease-of-use.

All floors definitely undergo wear and tear, but none as much as the kitchen floor. From potential food spills, the weight of heavy utensils, to an army of hungry people; the kitchen can be likened to a home’s capital. In terms of flooring options, the most popular ones are explained below.

1. Wooden Wonder

Classic, stylish, and low maintenance, wooden flooring is a very popular option. A wooden floor has an extensive shelf life, remaining highly durable even with minimum care. A natural material, the finish of this flooring can hardly be recreated artificially. Over the years, these floors grow a unique natural patina due to the heavy foot traffic and usage.

You can either opt for solid wooden strips or artificially engineered planks. With respect to long-lasting nature and cost efficiency, engineered wooden planks are a preferable option. Under the natural wooden veneer, you can find layers of plywood, which adds the much-needed structure to the floor. Additionally, it can generally withstand an expansive range of temperatures and humidity levels.

2. Geometrical Tiles

Made of porcelain, ceramic, or other materials, tiles are one of the most resilient flooring options. Tiles offer you several shades, shapes, and properties. If you are more prone to spilling or have little ones exploring the house, opt for a tile that is highly resistant to stains. Alternatively, if you are somebody who wants to have an elaborate set-up, ask your contractor for textured tiles.

Requiring low maintenance, a tiled floor is extremely durable. You can easily replicate the aesthetic appeal of stone at a relatively low price by selecting glazed tile options. Invest in a rug if you live in the chilly areas since cold tiles might not be a pleasure to walk on. Additionally, take precautions with regards to moisture on these tiles, as it may lead to slipping.

3. Eco-friendly Cork

Sustainable, warm, and eco-friendly, cork is on its way to becoming an evergreen kitchen flooring option. Sporting a unique pattern and texture, a cork floor is very resilient. This floor is water and slip resistant, comfortable, and covered in a distinct swirl of designs.

Although such floors have to be resealed every 3-4 years in order to ensure water does not affect its seams, it provides many benefits. One such advantage is that cork naturally contains suberin. This substance is helpful in warding off pests, mold, and mildew. It also absorbs shocks and therefore, prevents your kitchen utensils from shattering easily.

4. Versatile Vinyl

Requiring low maintenance, the extremely versatile vinyl makes for a cost-efficient flooring option. Using vinyl, you can recreate the visual feel of wood, marble, and stone. An inexpensive flooring option, vinyl possesses heat, moisture, and stain resistant properties.

Surprisingly easy to clean, vinyl floors do not create a sound as opposed to wooden ones. Nowadays, these are available in a varied range of designs and shades. Although vinyl ranks a little low on the durability scale, it can be easily repaired, installed, and maintained.

After reading this article, we hope you have gained more clarity on your kitchen flooring options.

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