Post warranty service contract terms and conditions

The Post Warranty Service Contract hereinafter called as "PWSC" is offered for brands of BSH Home Appliances, which are out of the manufacturer’s warranty. The terms and conditions for PWSC are as under:

1. The PWSC may be availed only during the manufacturer's warranty period and shall commence directly after the end of the manufacturer's warranty.

2. The PWSC shall be for a period of 1 year (term) for each appliance on such conditions as may be decided by the Company from time to time. The PWSC can be availed by a customer for a maximum number of three consecutive terms only.

3. The validity of PWSC shall be 1 year from the last date of warranty period or PWSC whichever is applicable.

4. The contractual fee is payable by the customer in advance along with the Contract Form and signed by the owner of the Appliance. The mode of payment shall be cheque drawn in favour of BSH HOUSEHOLD APPLIANCES MANUFACTURING PVT. LTD. Post dated cheque shall not be accepted.

5. During the term the Company shall rectify appliance failures covered under PWSC when notified by the customer.

6. The customer shall provide a copy of this contract to the company’s representative at the time of availing the service.

7. The PWSC is not transferable or assignable. The decision on the coverage of the parts, their repairs and replacements will be that of the Company and shall be final and binding on the customer.

8. The repairs may be carried out onsite or the Appliance may be taken to the Service Center for repairs. In case the Appliance has to be carried to the Service Centre for repairs or the service is not covered under the contract and is thus chargeable, the customer will be informed in advance of the time and costs involved. The company shall thereafter provide services only after approval from the customer.

9. In case a customer availing of the PWSC moves to another location, intimation of such movement should be made to the Company's call centre/ Authorised Service Centre. Continuation of the service at the new location will be subject to availability of service centers at such location, and shall exclude any transit damage to the Appliances.

10. Notwithstanding as contained in clause 5, the PWSC does not cover the following :

a. Preventive checks, routine maintenance, cleaning, de-scaling, overhaul, modifications etc.

b. Any type of painting, plating or defects arising thereof including rusting of the Appliance.

c. Damage/ Defects attributable to faulty electrical wiring/ cabling outside the Appliance or if the damage is caused due to power supply beyond the machine specifications and suitable stabilizer is not used.

d. Damage/ Defects relating to any plastic or rubber parts, non-operational parts as determined by the Company being subject to normal wear and tear are not covered.

e. Damage/Defects arising due to Parts damaged by pests, cockroaches, rodents, ants, insects infestation or by any other foreign material or bodies.

f. Reinstallation or re-demo at a different location.

g. Cost of packing material, if any.

h. Defects attributable to the appliance not used in accordance with the operating instructions provided along with the Appliances.

i. In case the appliance has been serviced, repaired or opened or tampered with by any person other than the Company's authorised representative.

j. Defects, damage to the Appliance caused due to negligence/ misuse/ alterations / accidents/ substitutions of original components by spurious Components, components serviced by unauthorised persons, exposure to abnormal and extreme environmental conditions, spillage of liquids, food particles, normal wear and tear and natural and man made calamities.

k. Appliances used in a commercial establishment or by an individual for commercial purpose or in case of multi usage of the Appliance.

l. Services at a location where there is no Authorised Service Centre of the company. In all aforesaid cases, which are not covered under the contract, the repairs shall be done on a chargeable basis as per the rates laid down by the Company

11. The Customer shall provide a reasonable, sufficient and safe working space to access the Appliances for service. The Customer is liable to move away all blocking objects or move the Appliances to an appropriate location with electricity/ gas supply, water supply/ drainage for testing the Appliance. The company reserves the right not to provide any service if the working space is limited, insufficient or unsafe or should there be a risk to create damage of any kind due to the working.

12. This PWSC is terminable at the option of the Company by giving a 15 days notice to the customer's last known address. In case of such termination, the fee paid for PWSC shall be refunded on a pro-rata basis to the customer.

13. This PWSC supersedes all the previous arrangements/ agreement, oral or written between the parties on the subject matter hereof.

14. The Company shall be under no obligation if for any reason by war or calamities or Commotions, strikes, fire, floods, earthquakes, delay in supplies, import control, government regulation, delay in transportation, man made or natural calamities or any other causes beyond the control of the company, it is prevented from carrying on the repairs.

15. The Company's liability arising out of or related to the PWSC shall be limited to the amount paid by the customer for the PWSC.

16. This contract is subject to jurisdiction of Mumbai.

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