10 myths surrounding dishwashers

The fastest and flexible dishwasher ever.

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Myth 1: A dishwasher won't be as effective as hand washing.

The high water pressure from our powerful spray arms will remove all the stubborn gravy and oil stains, giving you an equally effective wash, without damaging your delicate china or glassware.

Myth 2: Dishwashers don't have space for my bake-ware, large utensils, kadhais and casserole dishes.

With two baskets and a variety of flexible tines, the Siemens dishwasher can hold all sizes of cookware and utensils including Indian utensils, and still have space for plates, spoons and glassware.

Myth 3: No dishwasher can handle Indian gravies and similar tough food stains.

A Siemens dishwasher can. With the ability to adjust temperature from 45⁰C to 70⁰C depending on the soiling of your dishes, our machines can easily clean all types of spice, oil stains and greasy food residue. The variety of programmes helps in choosing the right temperature & intensity of the wash cycle.

Myth 4: It is not hygienic to wash baby bottles in a dishwasher.

Our 70⁰C temperature wash removes up to 99.9% germs and is suitable for hygienically cleaning baby bottles and feeding utensils. Activating the hygienePlus option kills even up to 99.99% of germs.

Myth 5: If we have to pre-rinse the dishes before putting them in, what's the point?

You don't have to pre-rinse your dishes. Just scrape the leftovers from dishes, crockery and utensils and load the machine. The dishwasher will do the rest for you.

Myth 6: Dishwashers take a lot of time to wash dishes.

Our dishwashers take only 30 mins to 2 hours depending on your wash cycle, while loading a dishwasher takes only 10 min. During this time, our machine not only cleans your dishes but also dries them. The varioSpeed Plus or varioSpeed option shortens the entire cycle time by up to 66% respectively by up to 50%, saving you precious time for leisure.

Myth 7: A dishwasher won't fit in my kitchen.

The dishwasher fits perfectly into any Indian kitchen, requiring only 60 cm width space. No more dirty dishes stacked in the sink, and no more getting your hands soiled.

Myth 8: A dishwasher uses high amounts of electricity and water.

Our dishwashers are highly energy efficient and use only approx. 1 kWh of energy for each wash. Compared to manual dishwashing, where up to 100 liters of water are used, Siemens dishwashers save up to 90% of water, consuming only 10 - 12 liters of water.

Myth 9: If there is a power failure, I'll have to unload dishes and reload them again later.

Our dishwashers will continue the wash cycle from where it stopped, so there is no need to unload the machine if there is a power failure.

Myth 10: I can't start the dishwasher until it is completely filled.

Siemens dishwashers provide you complete flexibility. The dishwasher can be run even when half loaded, by activating the halfLoad option which is recommended when you have fewer dishes. Or simply select the Auto option, where the aqua and load sensor will automatically adjust energy, water and time consumption to the load.