iQ700 Gas hob 90 cm Black ER95331IN

The gas cooktop with an easy-to-clean tempered glass surface.

Technical Specifications

Power and size
  • 3 burner gas hob
  • 3 Burners gas hob
  • Max. power left burner: 4 kW (depending on gas type)
    Max. power right burner: 4 KW (depending on gas type)
  • Max pow. burner center: 1.7 KW (depending on gas type)
  • Siemens no-step control, big range flame adjustment
  • Front mounted control knobs
  • SCHOTT® temper glass
  • Round Brass burners with enamelled pan supports
  • 7-segment display, blue
  • Flame failure safety device
Technical Information
  • Appliance dimension (WxD): 920 mm x 500 mm
  • Cutout dimension (HxWxD): 80 mm x 880 mm x 455 mm
  • Connecting Cable 120 cm
More Info
Energy input Gas
Type of control setting and signalling devices Rotary knob
Highlights Knobs
Construction type
Color of frame Black
Color of surface Black
Construction type Built-in
Number of electric plates 0
Number of cooking zones 0
Number of gas burners 3
Number of halogen plates 0
Installation typology Built-in into the cabinet
Total number of positions that can be used at the same time 3
Number of radiant plates 0
Number of electric warming zones 0
Size and weight
Dimensions of the product (mm) 80 x 920 x 500 mm
Net weight (kg) 22.001 kg
Cooking zone 1
Location of 1st heating element front left
Cooking zone 2
Location of 2nd heating element center left
Type of 2nd heating element Gas
Cooking zone 3
Location of 3rd heating element back left
Cooking zone 4
Location of 4th heating element middle back
Cooking zone 5
Location of 5th heating element back right
Cooking zone 6
Location of 6th heating element center right
Type of 6th heating element Gas
Cooking zone 7
Location of 7th heating element front right
Cooking zone 8
Location of 8th heating element front middle / central
Cooking zone 9
Location of 9th heating element front centre/cent
Type of 9th heating element Gas
Type of safety device for gas Electromagnetic for each burner
Power on indicator
Residual heat indicator without
Main on/off switch
Length electrical supply cord (cm) 120 cm
Energy input Gas
Frequency (Hz) 50 Hz
Gas connection rating (W) 9,700 W
Included accessories 1 x cross support for espresso, 1 x WOK attachment ring


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