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You can book an appointment online for the repair of your home appliance at the Siemens Customer Service - fast, easy and around the clock.

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E-number is the model-number of your appliance. Siemens Service needs it to prepare the visit e.g. providing the needed spare parts to the engineer before the visit. You can find the E-number on the rating plate of your home appliance.

Please have a look into Typeplate finder below.

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ID your Siemens appliance

The model number (E-Nr) is shown on the type plate of your appliance. On the right side you can see the type plate and the position of the E-Nr. If you don't know where to find the type plate on or in your appliance please check the appliance identification help on this page.

How to identify my Siemens appliance? Where do I find the type plate?

Or log in at My Siemens and select an appliance that has already been registered.