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Quick descaler for dishwashers

Quick descaler for dishwashers


Made in Germany - Tested and approved for Siemens appliances

Descaler removes the lime scales accumlated from hard water deposits, increasing the dish cleansing quality of the appliance

Descaler improves the drainage and eliminates odour inside the dishwasher

Improves the lifetime and performance of the appliance

The decaler comes in a advance air tight container which prevents the descaler from exposure to moisture in the air. The entire descaler in the container has to be used in one dose.

Dishwasher maintenance cleaninc powder

Dishwasher maintenance cleaninc powder


Made in Germany, this product effectively removes grease, starch and protein residues

Dishwasher Maintenance Cleaning Powder - intensive cleaner for dishwashers

Professional standard cleaning product gives great results

Improves lifetime and performance of the dishwasher

Dishwasher care

Dishwasher care


Made in Germany, this product has specially adapted ingredients to remove fats, oils and lime scale

Gives bright and shiny cleaning results with fresh smell to you appliance

Regular application prevents rust formation

Dishwasher protective / dust cover

Dishwasher protective / dust cover

Blue: 17000915 / Grey: 17000916

This dust cover is suitable for all Siemens dishwashers

The material of this cover is stitched with high precision to fit your appliance and has dimensions l-80 cm, w-60 cm, h-60 cm

The dust cover protects the appliance from sratches & stains

The dust cover is 100% washable

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